Vacation Camps
This is an immersive programme for children to improve their speaking and reading of Mandarin Chinese through a series of fun and engaging indoor and outdoor activities...! This is an intimate, full-language immersion fun camp that gives the child a break from the usual academic stress!
Suitable for
4-9 years old
What’s in a
3 Days
Vacation Camps
4 Hours each day
Each camp comprise of 4 Hours each day, for each Camp
4 - 15 Students
We can start with a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 15 students.
Unique Themes
Spring- March April | Summer- June, July | August Autumn- September | Winter- December
What is taught in class
Thematic Activities
Each camp will be based on different themes, each camp a different adventure.
Fully immersive Mandarin experience
Mandarin will be the main if not the only language used throughout the camp, your child will be living the Mandarin experience for all 3 days.
Fostering New Friendships
Your child will be joined by other children around his/her age, work together to complete missions and have fun!
Schedule For
Vacation Camps
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