Primary School 小学

6 to 12 years old 一年级至六年级

We designed this course for the non-native children to provide them a smooth transition to primary school Mandarin Chinese learning. We focus on oral learning using interactive activities to ignite interest in your child. English and Mandarin will be the teaching mediums.

Track 1 : Mandarin as a Second Language (MOE Schools 新加坡学校)

We provide support to children who are taking Mandarin as a second language in Singaporean MOE schools. We plan our curriculum in accordance to the local syllabus and framework by the MOE and the official textbook, 《欢乐伙伴》


Track 2: Mandarin as a Foreign Language 国际学校

ThIs course aims to help children who are attending international schools or would like to learn Mandarin Chinese as a third language outside their regular school curriculum.


What to expect

  • Listening & speaking Mandarin Chinese in daily situations​​

  • Reading 读说拼音

    • Hanyu Pinyin

    • Up to 600 word characters (Grade 1 & 2)

    • Up to 1000 word characters (Grade 3 & 4) 

    • Up to 1500 word characters (Grade 5 and 6)   

  • Writing 拼写拼音

    • Hanyu Pinyin

    • Up to 400 word characters (Grade 1 & 2)

    • Up to 600 word characters (Grade 3 & 4) 

    • Up to 1000 word characters (Grade 5 and 6)   


Learning outcome 学习目标

Our teachers use communicative pedagogies and immense your child to authentic usage of the language. With the various language components practiced in our lessons, we prepare your child for the performance tasks from Primary One!