9 to 11 September (Wed - Fri)

10am to 2pm (includes 1 light snack and lunch)

Tampines West (929 Tampines Street 91, #01-439, Singapore 520929 )


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Take 10% off when you sign up before 1 September 2020. 

Take another 5% off when you sign up with a sibling or a friend. 

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There is a thief!  There is a thief! There has been a thief lurking in the zoo the last few days!  Someone has stolen fish from Peppe the Otter’s food bucket . The news had spread and now the animals are anxious. Children, can you help Mr Zookeeper find the culprit? 


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Sept Camp 2020 (Tampines) - Theft in the Zoo 动物园有小偷