5 to 7 August 2020

10am to 2pm 


1.10% off each sibling when you sign up more than 1 child.

2.10% off each friend when you sign up with 1 or more friends.

3.5% off every child who attended any of our online sessions during 6 April to 1 June Circuit Breaker period.


Camp details here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1gARoNDhrOzBlvoU-QaMdjyQcZGum1LUJ/view?usp=sharing




Wawa the Excavator is working in a site in the ancient town of Fort City. His job is to dig the ground to prepare for the subway construction. He dug all day and all night and all of a sudden, he saw something bright, shiny and green.


It’s the White Jade Ruyi! The treasure belongs to Princess Wan, the lost princess. Join Wawa and his friends on construction projects to bring the White Jade Ruyi to Princess Wan and help her find her way back to her time! 


Summer Camp - The Bulldozer & the Ruyi (4 - 5 Years Old)