21 to 23 Dec (Monday - Wednesday)

10am to 2pm (includes 1 light snack and lunch)

RV Campus, 228A River Valley Road Singapore 238286


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Take 10% off when you sign up before 20 Nov 2020.

Take another 5% off when you sign up with every sibling or friend. 

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NiNi and NanNan woke up one morning to a huge surprise. They look out of their HDB window and saw that everything outside has turned white! 


Snow has fallen during the night! This is not good. How can it snow at the equator?


The Sun is on strike and ran away to play! Where did he go? This is bad. If the Sun does not return within 3 days, the earth will become ice forever.


Dear children, can you please help NiNi and NanNan to find the Sun and save everyone?


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Winter Camp 2020 - Finding Sol 太阳出走了(3 Days)