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1 Slot 15 Dec

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14 to 16 Dec (Monday - Wednesday)

10am to 2pm (includes 1 light snack and lunch)

RV Campus, 228A River Valley Road Singapore 238286


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NiNi and NanNan were about to go to school this morning. They came to their bicycles, and found the wheels gone! How are they going to school now? They are running late! 


Yes, they can take a bus! Oh no, even the wheels of the bus are gone. In fact, all the wheels on the streets are gone! What’s happening?


NiNi and NanNan arrived back home and the doorbell rang. A strange looking postman was at the door, he handed them a letter and vanished! 


Oh no, the wheels have gone on strike!


Please help NiNi and NanNan to get the wheels back before it’s too late!


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Winter Camp 2020 - Wheel Search 轮子大搜寻(1 Day)

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