Intermediate Mandarin
This intermediate course aims to help children who are attending international schools or would like to learn Mandarin Chinese as a third language outside their regular school curriculum.
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75 Minutes
Intermediate Mandarin
Guided Discussion
Your child learns to make conversations about the target topic and engage in group discussions.
Literature Appreciation
Your child will be introduced Chinese classics and stories to help them gain understanding about the Chinese culture.
Thematic Learning
The thematic curriculum allows your child to explore, learn, and investigate ideas and the environment in Mandarin Chinese.
Cultural Awareness
Our curriculum is culturally appropriate and helps your child be aware of the Chinese culture while deepening the understanding of his or her own.
Your child will be taught to read and write Mandarin Chinese characters with the help of Hanyu Pinyin (phonics).
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What is taught in class
Conversational Mandarin
Your child will be able to engage in guided discussions on target topics.
Hanban’s Youth Chinese Test (YCT) Level 4
Our programme maps the vocabulary and language requirements of YCT Level 2, and helps your child prepare for the international certification.
English - Mandarin Bilingual
English will be used as a medium for teaching to help your child acquire Mandarin Chinese confidently.
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Intermediate Mandarin
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