Nursery 1
Through a series of thematic learning, we help your child define the concepts of his surroundings and the world in Mandarin Chinese. Our multi-sensory approach helps your child solidify his or her Mandarin Chinese foundation.
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75 Minutes
Nursery 1
Introduction & Guided Conversation
Your child learns to make greetings, introduce themselves and answer short questions.
Songs & Movement
The use of rhythm and melody helps your child to commit words and phrases to memory.
Storytelling & Games
Your child will get to explore new vocabulary with a new story each week. Our game approach helps your child strengthen his or her learning in a competitive setting.
Multisensory Learning
Our activities are designed to stimulate your child's 5 senses, gross and fine motoring skills
Arts & Crafts
Arts and crafts activities work on your child's hand-eye coordination and motoring skills, to prepare them for writing.
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What is taught in class
Singapore MOE curriculum
We integrated the MOE curriculum into our programme to prepare your child for the Singapore MOE primary school.
Hanban’s Youth Chinese Test (YCT) Levels 1 & 2
Our programme maps the vocabulary requirements of YCT Levels 1 & 2.
Speaking & Reading
Through our programme, your child will acquire vocabulary and grammar to engage in daily conversations and to set foundation for further reading and writing.
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Nursery 1
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