Kindergarten 1
The first year of the Kinder programme focuses on vocabulary retention and comprehension. Through stories and group discussions, your child is encouraged to converse about the stories and give opinions, encouraging associative learning.
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75 Minutes
Kindergarten 1
Guided Discussion
Your child learns to engage in conversations and give their opinions in Mandarin Chinese.
Songs & Movement
Ignites all areas of child development and skills for school readiness, including intellectual, social-emotional, motor, language, and overall literacy.
Storytelling & Discussion
We encourage your child to tell stories and express his or her opinion. This develops the ability to talk about things outside the here and now, to understand how we use language to express cause and effect, feelings and motivation.
Thematic Activity
Our activities are designed to stimulate your child's 5 senses, gross and fine motoring skills.
Creative Writing & Expression
Your child will be reading and writing Mandarin Chinese short sentences, characters, radicals and strokes.
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What is taught in class
Singapore MOE curriculum
We integrated the MOE curriculum into our programme to prepare your child for the Singapore MOE primary school.
Hanban’s Youth Chinese Test (YCT) Levels 3 & 4
Our program maps the vocabulary requirement our YCT Levels 3 & 4, helping your child be exposed up to 600 vocabularies and grammar
Reading and Writing
Through our programme, your child will acquire vocabulary and grammar to engage in reading and writing and to set foundation for further creative writing and expression.
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Kindergarten 1
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